Bank Draft

Danville Utilities Bank Draft Plan
Danville Utilities is pleased to provide a pre-authorized method of payment for monthly utility accounts, our Bank Draft Plan:
  • Bank Draft allows Danville Utilities customers the ease and convenience of pre-authorized payment for utility service accounts. You no longer have to worry about writing or mailing a check for utility service or standing in line at the payment window.
  • Upon completion of the Bank Draft Authorization Agreement, Danville Utilities will notify your financial institution that you wish to have your utility payment drafted directly from your checking or savings account.
  • Each month we will notify your financial institution of the amount to be drafted from your account. Your financial institution will then draft the amount from your account and forward it to Danville Utilities.
  • You will receive your regular utility statement each month, showing actual consumptions and charges so that you will know the amount that will be drafted from your account. If you participate in the Equal Pay Plan the amount drafted each month will be the same.
  • Drafts are processed once a week, usually on Wednesday.  If the bill due date happens to fall on a Wednesday, and then the affected account is drafted that day.  If the bill due date is other than a Wednesday date, the draft is initiated on the following Wednesday.  BDP accounts are not subject to late payment penalties associated with applicable time delays; however, failure to maintain sufficient bank account funds to cover Utility bill drafts will result in penalties and fees, and removal from the bank draft plan after two instances of returned drafts, and the account will be flagged as “cash only”. 
  • You can cancel the Bank Draft Plan at any time. Just notify Customer Service in writing by mail or fax as soon as possible to ensure the pre-authorized debit can be stopped before the next scheduled billing cycle.
View the Bank Draft Plan Brochure and Authorization Agreement