Equal Pay Plan

Pay the Same Amount Every Month
Danville Utilities Equal Pay Plan (EPP) is a pre-authorized payment plan that makes it easier to budget household utility expenses. Instead of being faced with higher bills during those months when consumption is higher, the EPP allows you to pay equal monthly amounts.

How It Works
  • With the Equal Pay Plan, you will still receive a monthly statement showing actual consumptions and charges; however, you will only need to pay the fixed equal pay amount as shown on the statement.
  • Your equal pay amount is determined by averaging your most recent 12-month bill history, including applicable utility taxes.
  • After your first year with the Equal Pay Plan, the equal pay amount will be re-calculated at the anniversary month based on the most recent 12-month bill history and your equal pay amount is set for the 12 month period ahead. Your equal pay amount will be recalculated the same way with each anniversary month that you are enrolled in the EPP.
  • For added convenience, enrollment in the Equal Pay Plan is continued until you notify our Customer Service office to discontinue enrollment.
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