Danville Utilities Electric Service
Our Electric Service is the largest of the 14 municipal electrical systems in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is one of over 2,000 municipal-owned systems in the United States. The electric system was formed in 1886 and is one of the oldest in the country. It was the first system to own generating facilities. During its first year of operation, the system served only 59 street lights. At the present time, Danville serves approximately 42,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers with 1,250 miles of electric lines in the City and portions of Pittsylvania, Henry and Halifax Counties.

Electric Engineering

  • Engineering and technical support
  • Line staking for new or altered services
  • Standards for construction, operations and maintenance procedures
  • Customer service policies to ensure the safety and reliability of the electric transmission and distribution system
Electric Line Construction
  • Construction and maintenance of the electric transmission and distribution
  • Reliable and efficient service for the Utilities' customers within a safe working environment
Electric Meter Section
  • Accurate measurement of each customer's electrical consumption
  • Responsible for meter connections, calibrations, and all services relating to metering of the customers' usage
Substation Section
  • Electric power flow management through the distribution system
  • Restoration and maintenance work during power outages