Natural Gas

The City of Danville operates one of three municipally owned gas systems in the Commonwealth of Virginia and one of the oldest in the United States. The system was formed in April 1875. The City manufactured gas until 1950 when it began to purchase gas from Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation (TRANSCO). Danville was TRANSCO'S first pipeline customer.

Danville has a diverse natural gas supply portfolio, consisting of a firm supply contract with TRANSCO, firm supply contracts with major producers, some lower priced spot gas, and stored gas. The Gas Distribution System contains approximately 356 miles of distribution mains and 26 district regulators that supply gas at the necessary pressures.

Gas Distribution Responsibilities:
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of the existing system
  • Construction of new mains and services
  • Installation and testing of meters and regulators
  • Maintenance of all records and maps of the system that serves approximately 16,200 customers.