Security Deposits

Security Deposit Amounts for New Accounts
Security deposits are based on an amount equivalent to twice the average monthly bill for the service location, based on the most recent 12 month billing average with services used as intended. For residential accounts with no available billing history, minimum deposit amounts will be used in the amounts listed below:
  • Minimum Residential Deposits
    Service Billed
    Deposit Amount
    Water Only $75
    Water & Sewer Only $100
    Gas Only $200
    Electric Only $200
    Water, Sewer, Gas and/or Electric $400
Instances in which a deposit is not required:
  • The customer previously had utility service with Danville Utilities in the same name for at least 12 consecutive months, and records verify that the customer had a good payment record (i.e. not having incurred penalties or delinquent charges, returned checks fees, or other late payments, and not having services disconnected for non-payment during the most recent 12 month period).
  • A customer moving into Danville Utilities service area supplies a letter of credit from their immediately preceding utility supplier verifying that the customer met good payment requirements for the past 12 months.
  • An existing Danville Utilities customer with a good payment record wishes to establish an additional service for a son, daughter, or ward who has not had service with Danville Utilities before, and assumes direct responsibility for paying that person’s utility bills.
  • After meeting the good payment requirements for 12 months, the son, daughter, or ward may apply for the services to be transferred to his or her name, with a deposit warning. (A deposit warning states that if the account is subject to delinquent process fees or termination because of non-payment, a deposit of twice the average monthly bill will be required and billed to the customer).
Time limits for holding deposits
  • Deposits will be held until a good pay record is established for 12 consecutive months.
  • In the event services are transferred from one service location to another, the deposit is transferred to the new account.
  • When services are terminated, the deposit will be applied to any outstanding balance, including other active and/or inactive accounts in the customer’s name. After the outstanding balance is paid, any remaining deposit money will be refunded to the customer.
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