Service Disconnection/Reconnection

Delinquent Balances
As stated in the Message Center of every customers' monthly utility bill:
  • A delinquent payment fee will be charged on bills remaining unpaid after 35 days past the original bill due date
  • Customers will receive two past-due reminders through the mail during the 35 day past-due period to advise them of the outstanding utility bill balance.
If a delinquent balance is not paid within 35 days of the original bill due date, services will be disconnected the next working day.

Service Re-connection Fees
The customer must pay the total delinquent bill balance, delinquent processing fees and all applicable penalties before services can be restored. If a disconnect order is issued, the account will also be charged a re-connection fee.

Customers may be required to pay a deposit or increase the amount already on deposit. If services are disconnected, a reconnect order will be submitted as soon as the account is paid current. If possible, services will be restored on the same day, but re-connection is not assured any sooner than the next work day following payment of the account.

Weather extremes will be considered prior to issuance of disconnection orders. Disconnection will not occur on days where the National Weather Service report for Danville projects temperatures to be below 32 degrees or higher than 100 degrees. Once weather extreme projections fall between the designated temperatures for 24 hours, disconnect orders will be issued without further notification to the customer.

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