Enroll in Equal Pay Plan

Equal Pay Plan Enrollment Guidelines
To enroll in the Equal Pay Plan:
  • The customer must have at least 12-months history at the location
  • In addition, the most recent 6-month payment history must include no delinquent process fees and/or disconnects, and
  • The account must have a zero balance ($0).
Additional Details:
  • If the customer is enrolled in the Equal Pay Plan, and qualifies for any fuel and/or cooling or other assistance programs, the total equal pay plan amount still must be paid each month in order to fulfill the guidelines and remain enrolled. For example, If a customer's equal pay amount is $200 monthly and the customer receives $100 from a fuel assistance program, the customer is still responsible for the additional $100 equal pay balance.
  • Likewise, in order to be eligible for any security deposit refund for a good pay record, the full equal pay amount must be paid each month.
  • Failure to pay the full equal pay amount each month will result in the customer being removed from the plan. The account balance will be subject to the overdue collections process, including penalties, late fees and other actions, up to and including service disconnection.
  • Once enrollment is discontinued, the customer is not eligible for re-enrollment until after 6-months of good payment, with no delinquent process fees and/or disconnects. If after the second enrollment, the customer does not comply with payment guidelines, the account will be removed from equal pay and will not be enrolled again.
Equal Pay with Bank Draft
With the Equal Pay Plan and the Bank Draft Plan, you get the added convenience of paying the same amount each month while eliminating the need to write a check. Using our Equal Pay Plan with our Bank Draft Plan, you simply authorize your financial institution to draft your checking account to pay your utility bill and the equal pay amount will be drafted from your account on the due date each month.
  • You will continue to receive a statement each month showing the actual consumption and charges, and the equal pay amount to be drafted.
Call the Danville Utilities Customer Service office at 434-799-5155 for more details or to enroll in the Equal Pay Plan, the Bank Draft Plan or both.