Firearm Safety / Responsible Ownership

Do You Know Where Your Gun Is?
Many choices we make in life come with added responsibility. Gun ownership is one of them. According to recent federal surveys, guns are in nearly half of all U.S. households. The Constitution of the United States ensures your right to own a firearm, but are you aware of the responsibility that is attached to that ownership?

Many citizens own firearms for collecting, sport or self defense. Whatever the reason, it is the responsibility of the owner to be aware of the whereabouts of their firearms at all times, and to be able to identify it by make, model and serial number.
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Tips for Proper Firearm Safety & Accountability
  • Know the laws in your state or jurisdiction for the possession and carrying of firearms.
  • Maintain the make, model and serial number of any firearm you own in a safe location for record keeping purposes.
  • Secure firearms in a safe location out of reach of young children and the untrained. A lock box or gun safe is best.
  • Consider a locking device (trigger / breach lock) for firearms in storage as this can keep accidental discharge from occurring and may even be a deterrent to theft.
  • Consider a firearms or hunter safety course to be proficient in the use of your selected firearm.
  • Establish proper gun handling and safety rules with children or other household members.
  • Never leave a firearm loaded unless you are preparing to use it
  • Know Where your Firearm is at all times! (Periodic inventory is acceptable and is part of your ownership responsibility)
Don’t allow others to have easy access to your firearm, as ultimately you could be questioned and/or accountable if your firearm is used unlawfully.

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