In the News

Get Fit Challenge kicks off at Main Street Riverwalk Trailhead ceremony, News Release, 4/4/14
Danville reveals JTI Fountain, celebrates opening of Main Street Plaza, News Release, 4/2/14
Danville marks availability of public, outdoor Wi-Fi in River District, News Release, 2/26/14
Danville Science Center's Digital Dome Theater now open, News Release, 2/24/14
Two apartment projects will bring more living room in the River District, News Release, 2/11/14
Opinion: Danville's 'living room' remodeled, Register & Bee, 12/29/13
Bids out for 150-space parking garage in River District, Register & Bee, 12/25/13
Danville marks close of first streetscape phase, News Release, 12/20,2013
River District's Pemberton Lofts makes historic buildings tour, Register & Bee, 12/8/2013
Virginia firms aid in Danville redevelopment, Virginia Business, 11/27/2013
Holiday decorations return to downtown, News Release, 11/25/2013
City presents preliminary plans on walking trail extension in River District, News Release, 10/11/2013
Crosswalk construction will restrict travel on Main Street downtown, News Release, 10/9/2013
Danville's annual River District Festival a success, WSET-TV 13, 10/5/2013
City schedules presentation on River District walking trail, News Release, 10/3/2013
River District Festival features two days of music, activities, Star Tribune, 10/3/2013
City Council appoints first members to River District Design Commission, News Release, 9/19/2013
Centerpiece of River District celebrated as revitalized area takes shape,
Register & Bee, 8/26/2013
City seeks input of residents to help guide branding process, News Release, 7/29/2013
River District welcomes Golden Leaf Bistro as newest addition, News Release, 7/26/2013
New public parking lot opens in heart of the River District, News Release, 6/5/2013
River District draws $78 million in private investment, News Release, 5/31/2013
Thirty new parking spaces on Main Street nearing completion, Register & Bee, 5/29/2013
City will provide update Thursday, May 30, on River District project, News Release, 5/28/2013
River District Rhythms at the Market debuts, News Release, 5/6/2013
Sleek, urban designs meet with history in new apartments, Register & Bee, 5/5/2013
City will shift northbound traffic approach to MLK Jr. Memorial Bridge, News Release, 4/17/2013
Patton Street will become two-way street, News Release 4/3/2013
Streetscape project in full swing, Danville Register & Bee, 3/4/2013
Streetscape project resumes following holidays, Danville Register & Bee, 1/23/2013
Consultants unveil preliminary designs for River District plaza, News Release, 10/5/2012
Memorial Drive detour scheduled for streetscape project, News Release 9/14/2012
Streetscape project explained to merchants, residents, Danville Register & Bee, 8/15/2012
City awards bid for River District streetscape project, News Release, 8/9/2012
Streetscape project being prepared for bids
, News Release, 6/8/2012
Streetscape designs nearly complete, News Release, 5/3/2012
River District renovation plan nears completion, Danville Register & Bee, 5/2/2012
Danville wins award for River District effort, Danville Register & Bee, 3/19/2012
Something that should concern us, Danville Register & Bee, 3/7/2012
Parking drives to front of streetscape project, Danville Register & Bee, 3/6/2012
Opinions differ on streetscape project, Danville Register & Bee, 2/29/2012
River District plan outlined, WSET-TV, 2/17/2012
Consultants present streetscape options, News Release, 2/16/2012
Design elements discussed, Danville Register & Bee, 2/15/2012
A River District renaissance, Danville Register & Bee, 2/12/2012
Streetscape project will capture city's historic flavor, facilitate business, News Release, 1/19/2012
Streetscape plan views aired for Danville's River District, Register & Bee, 1/18/2012
River District design guideline process begins, Danville Register & Bee, 12/14/2011
Design guidelines first step for River District, Danville Register & Bee, 11/14/2011
With River District Festival success, organizers cast eye next year, Danville Register & Bee, 10/10/2011
First River District Festival draws thousands, Danville Register & Bee, 10/8/11
Danville celebrates River District with first festival, Danville Register & Bee, 10/6/11
Final River District presentation marks only the beginning, News Release, 9/15/11
What's next for the River District in Danville?, Danville Register & Bee, 9/15/2011
City outlines next steps following final River District presentation, News Release. 9/14/2011
Detailed plans for Danville's River District released, Danville Register & Bee, 7/17/2011
River District plan taking shape, Danville Register & Bee, 7/13/2011
Promising start for the River District, Danville Register & Bee, editorial, 6/1/2011
River District redevelopment planning beings in Danville, Danville Register & Bee, 5/26/2011
Public Input Forum Wednesday for River District, WSET, 5/25/2011
Urban designer urges Danville residents to get involved, Danville Register & Bee, 3/29/2011
Plans for Danville River District Move Forward, WSET. 3/16/2011
Danville leaders choose firm for downtown master plan, Danville Register & bee, 3/16/2011
City selects consultant for River District development, News Release - 3/16/2011
River District master plan wins OK from Danville council, Danville Register & Bee, 3/15/2011
Vision Behind Danville’s ‘River District’, WSET, 2/11/2011