Home$ave Rebate Program

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Save Energy and Money at Your Home with Home$ave
Danville Utilities wants to help you and your family save energy and money by making energy efficient upgrades to your home. We are excited to bring you Danville Utilities Home$ave, our energy efficiency rebate program available to all residential electric customers.

For all program information, please review the Home$ave Residential Energy Efficiency Program Manual.

Our Rebates
Home$ave offers cash rebates for a wide range of energy efficient products, making it easier to improve the comfort of your home while saving money on your utility bill every month! For details on eligible products and rebates, click the links below: Participation in our Home$ave Program is simple! Download our Home$ave rebate application and follow the five easy steps on the application after purchasing your new eligible energy efficient equipment. Submit your completed application with required proof of purchase by mail, email or fax and wait for your rebate check to arrive from us by mail!

There is no limit for the amount of rebates that each customer can receive; as a matter of fact, if you purchase more than one of the eligible products on the list in the same time period, you can send in one application for multiple rebates. If you receive a rebate for one eligible item and purchase another eligible item later, you may send in a new rebate application!

Please keep in mind, Home$ave rebate applications are valid for 90 days after product purchase. After 90 days, the equipment is no longer eligible for rebates from Danville Utilities.

Save Even More Money!
Participating in Danville Utilities Home$ave in no way excludes you from receiving more rebates and incentives on the same qualifying products from other sources. Look for additional rebates, tax credits and manufacturer's incentives to make improving your home's energy efficiency an even better deal!

More Ways to Save!
Want to know more ways to save energy and money? Visit our Save Energy pages for tons of low and no-cost tips for making your home more energy efficient.