5. Remittance Stub & Payment Entry Box

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Remittance Stub Quick Information Bar
Located beneath the perforated edge of your bill, this Information Bar helps us to quickly identify the Account and Customer Numbers after customers tear off the payment stub and mail in the bill payment. For payment processing purposes, the Bill Number and Due Date are also displayed. If mailing in your utility payment, please include this remittance stub with your payment.
Payment Entry Box
Also located on the bill's remittance stub, the Payment Entry Box is intended for the customer to enter his or her total payment amount information.

Balance Forward
Displays the amount due if the customer carried a balance from previous billing cycles to the current billing cycle.

Amount Due Before
Displays the total amount due before or on the current bill's Due Date. The applicable Due Date is always displayed to the right.

Amount Due After
Displays the total amount due plus the applicable 1.5% late fee if the bill is not paid on or before the current Due Date. The applicable Due Date is also displayed to the right.

Extra Amount Enclosed for Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Danville Utilities is an avid supporter of the Danville-Pittsylvania County United Way's Neighbors Helping Neighbors program designed to help families in need with utility assistance. Danville Utilities customers can quickly and easily give to Neighbors Helping Neighbors by including extra money on their bill payment check and designating the money for Neighbors Helping Neighbors in this entry slot.

Total Remittance Included
Customers enter the total amount of their payment check here. This would include the applicable amount they are paying towards the balance as well as any additional funds for Neighbors Helping Neighbors.