6. Billing Factors

The Billing Factors, displayed directly under the Quick Information Bar and to the right of the customer's service address, are factors beyond Danville Utilities control that affect our service rates.

State Water Withdrawal Fee (SWWF)
The SWWF is the fee charged by the Virginia Department of Health - Office of Drinking Water to provide technical assistance to small public water supplies.
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Purchase Gas Adjustment (PGA)
The PGA is the amount Danville Utilities pays per therm for the natural gas. The PGA fluctuates monthly based on the market price of natural gas. The PGA is a pass-through cost for the purchased natural gas, meaning Danville Utilities does not profit from the PGA. The Total Charge per Therm is the distribution charge plus the PGA.

Gas Therm Factor
The conversion factor used to convert cubic feet of natural gas to therms. The therm factor is given to Danville Utilities by the natural gas supplier each month.

Gas Therm Used
A customer's Gas Therms Used is found by multiplying the Therm Factor by the number of Cubic Feet (CF) consumed, which can be found in the Consumption box of the Service Usage Summary table.

Electric Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)
Sometimes called a Fuel Adjustment Charge, The PCA accounts for fluctuations in the actual cost of electricity system wide. The total Electric Energy Charge accounts for the base rate plus the PCA.