Employee Information


Norma Brower 

Housing and Redevelopment Specialist 
Norma works as the administrative head of the home rehabilitation and down payment assistance programs. Additionally, she serves as the City's Fair Housing Officer. Norma also works with neighborhood association groups and non-profit organizations. She spear-headed the City's targeted efforts in the Westmoreland neighborhood.  

Jackie Wells 

Housing and Development Planning Specialist 
Jackie works to develop, implement and monitor the City's five-year Consolidated Plan and Annual Plans. She assists with Davis-Bacon Act requirements. Additionally, she acts as a liaison between the Division and various neighborhood groups and non-profit organizations. She is spear-heading the City's targeted efforts in the Schoolfield-Edgewood neighborhood.  

​David Moss & Wayne Atkins

Cost Estimators & Inspectors
mossdw@danvilleva.gov      atkindw@danvilleva.gov 
David and Wayne manage the Division's home rehabilitation projects from start to finish, from determining eligible work; preparing work write ups, drawings, cost estimates and bid proposals; assessments and testings in accordance to federal requirements.