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February 2018

Bullying & Cyberbullying

  • Nearly 43% of device owning teens are victims of cyberbullying. Of those, nearly 20% consider suicide, leading nearly 4,500 to commit suicide every year.
  • When it happens, victims blame themselves. Ashamed, isolated and powerless, they remain silent.
  • 87% of today’s youth have witnessed cyberbullying, yet only 20% have witnessed someone telling the bully to stop.
  • Most of them do nothing; even if they wanted to do would you stop a video/post from circulating?
  • Also, they tend to feel there are more risks than rewards in raising their voices and helping cyberbullied teens.

There are constructive ways to deal with cyberbullying that will truly help victims and bystanders

  • We want teens to reclaim social media as a safe place to express themselves and,
  • Realize there is strength in numbers and pride in standing up for others...and themselves.

(excerpted from the National Crime Prevention Council)

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Cyberbullying Tips for Teens Handout

Virginia Fusion Center Cyberbullying Bulletin

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