Hiring Process

How to Apply
Applicants must first choose an open position to apply for by viewing the current Job Opportunities. If an applicant has an interest in a position that is not currently open, he/she may submit a Job Notification Card and will be notified by email when applications are being accepted for that position.

Once selecting an open position to apply for, an applicant can proceed through the online application process. The initial application process is divided into three parts:
  1. Job Application - it is very important that the application is complete and that any attachments are for clarification purposes only. A resume will not substitute for the data requested. Applications may be rejected if incomplete. It is important that your application reflect all relevant education, training and experience (including volunteer work) that may help you qualify for the position.
  2. Agency-wide questions - some of these questions are mandatory and some are voluntary. The voluntary questions are used for statistical purposes only.
  3. Supplemental questions - Supplemental questions are a very important first step in our application process. You are required to complete these questions so that we may initially determine your eligibility for this position. A lack of detail and explanation in the supplemental questions and in your application may mean you will be determined ineligible for further consideration in this recruitment process.
First time applicants should set-up their user account prior to applying for a position.

Additional Information
  • All applicants are required to have a valid email address and an online account. Free email addresses can be obtained from sites such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL. Username and passwords for email and online accounts should be kept private. Only the applicant should be able to access these accounts. The City will communicate with applicants through email as the status of open positions change.
  • A fully completed application is required for each position. Resumes can be saved as an attachment with the application; however, the application serves as the primary source of information received from applicants.
  • Applicants must apply by the closing date and time of the position, which is listed on the job posting.
  • The City maintains a drug-free / alcohol-free working environment. All candidates recommended for a position are required to satisfactorily complete various pre-employment requirements.
  • All new employees are required to attend the City's orientation program. New employees are familiarized with the City's organization, expectations, and regulations. Benefits are explained and offered on a voluntary basis.
An Equal Opportunity Employer