Energy Assistance

Fuel, Crisis, and Cooling Programs

Social Services administers programs to help with heating or cooling costs throughout the year for income-eligible households through the Energy Assistance Program. The Energy Assistance Program consists of the following three components:

  • Fuel
  • Cooling
  • Crisis


The Fuel Assistance program helps with home heating costs. Applications are accepted from the second Tuesday in October through the second Friday in November.


The Cooling Program provides purchases or repairs of cooling equipment and/or payment for electricity to operate cooling equipment. To be eligible a household must be income eligible and contain at least one vulnerable individual who is age 60 or over, disabled, or under the age of 6.

2020 Assistance

Per new guidelines for Cooling Assistance, you will not need to provide a copy of your Utility Bill.  You must provide an accurate account name and number on your application.  These applications will be accepted June 15th through August 17th, 2020. Due to COVID-19, we are encouraging applicants to submit their applications online at or by phone at 1-855-635-4370.

If a paper application is required, please call 434.799.5040 to request one be sent to you.  A self address stamped envelope will be provided for you to return by mail. Requested paper applications will be mailed out to customers on June 15, 2020. 


Household must include a Child under the age of 6, an individual 60 or older, an individual determined disabled by Social Security or a Veteran on 100% Disability


Household Size
Gross Income Limit


The Crisis Assistance Program is intended to meet a household’s emergency heating need, when no other resource is available. Starting from November 1 through March 15 applications are accepted to help with repair or replacement of heating equipment.

Applications for payment of heat utility bills or the purchase of home heating fuel are accepted beginning the first work day in January.

For more information call 434-799-5040 or apply online.