Tornado Safety

Tornado Preparedness & Safety
Tornadoes can strike Danville at any time, and citizens need to be ready. Environmental clues that indicate an approaching tornado include:
  • Dark, often greenish sky
  • Large hail
  • Loud roar similar to a freight train
The general rule for tornado safety is go low and stay low - go to the lowest level of a building or structure away from windows and crouch in a low position with your head covered.

Tornado Plans for Your Home or Business
Develop a safety plan for your home, work, school, and when you're outdoors. Make sure you practice the plan. Review the plan on days when severe weather is forecast for your area. Learn more about tornado plans from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

Members of the Emergency Management Office are available to help you put together a plan for your family or employees. To arrange a visit to your school, business, church, or industry, call the Education and Public Information staff at 434-799-6535.