Housing Programs

Program Requirements

All housing programs have income eligibility requirements (see chart below) and involve affordable loans or grants which may be secured with collateral. All programs are administered within Danville city limits. For more information on these programs, contact our office at 434-799-5260 or by email.

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Homeowner Rehabilitation

Low or no interest loans are available to assist eligible homeowners with necessary housing rehabilitation. Deferred loans are available for elderly and disabled individuals. Deferred loans are interest-free and require no monthly payment. In all cases, taxes must be kept current, ownership must be clear, and the owner must maintain homeowners insurance on the house. Forgivable loans are available. To learn if you are eligible for the program click the button below to take our survey. 

Affordable Homeownership

Assistance, financial and technical, is provided to eligible low to moderate income citizens to help them become first-time homebuyers. Funds are available to assist eligible families or individuals with the purchase and/or rehabilitation of their first home. The program provides a low-interest loan and some down payment and closing cost assistance. A personal investment (down payment) is required.

New Construction

Eligible families or individuals may qualify for construction of new infill housing in the targeted area. Permanent financing is provided through the Affordable Homeownership Program.

Rental Rehabilitation

Rental property owners may qualify for a low-interest loan to rehabilitate rental property. Tenants must meet low- to moderate-income guidelines throughout the duration of the loan. Funds are available on a 50/50 basis in forgivable and direct loans.

Emergency Repair

Deferred loans (no interest, no monthly payment) are available for emergency repairs to eligible owner-occupied houses. The house must be covered by homeowners insurance, and taxes must be current.

Lease/Purchase Program

The City of Danville has partnered with Telamon Corporation and the Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (DRHA) to offer a lease/purchase program to low- to moderate- income persons interested in becoming homeowners.

To be eligible for this program, the future homeowner must have a household income equal to or less than 80% of the Area Median Income, adjusted for family size. Before being considered for the program, potential homeowners must complete homeownership counseling programs which are currently being offered by both Telamon and DRHA. This program not only helps clients begin to repair damaged credit, or establish credit, as needed, but offers education on budgeting and the obligations associated with homeownership. For more information about this program, contact Kim Walker, Homeownership/Case Manager for Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority at 434-792-2908, ext. 20.

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