Comprehensive Plan

2020 Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan represents the City’s “vision for the future” and serves as its most important document for orchestrating growth and development in the years ahead. It establishes goals, policies and initiatives to be used to guide both civic and public activities related to land use and resource utilization. The Plan establishes the foundation upon which many fundamental governmental plans, programs and decisions are based, including: zoning and subdivision actions, capital improvement programs, transportation, environmental and historical resource initiatives, and City policies affecting distribution of revenues to a multitude of programs and agencies.

Current 2020 Comprehensive Plan

2030 Comprehensive Plan
This updated Comprehensive Plan is designed to serve as a guide for the physical development of Danville to the year 2030. It addresses the entire City and is intended to positively influence all of the physical elements which make up its form. Towards this end, the overriding purpose of the Plan is to encourage the continued development of a safe and healthy community by offering a distinctive "vision" for the continued growth of Danville. While the Comprehensive Plan represents an ideal of what the City of Danville desires to become, it is also realistic with regard to anticipated social, economic and political constraints.

This plan has been reviewed and approved by the City of Danville Planning Commission. It will now be put before Danville City Council, starting with a Work Session discussion on August 19.

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