Circuit Court of Danville Daily Docket

Monday,  April 27, 2015

Courtroom #1
Conference Call
CL11-510 Walter Powell v. CSX Transportation, Inc.
(Claude Anderson) (Richard Ottinger)

9:00AM-Grand Jury

Theresa Haizlip 15-365 

Courtroom #2
(JMG) 15-0123(f) Andrea M. Comer -Poss F/A After Conv/Vio Felony
15-0149(m) -Driving Suspended/3rd Offense
15-0150(m) -Possess Marijuana/2nd + Offense
15-0176(m) -Felon Carry Concealed Weapon #2

(HLS) 14-1695(f) Danette B. Mitchell -Assault/Bat Law Enfrcmt Off #1
15-0042(m) -Obstruct Justice #2

(MLS) 15-0079(f) Arthur A. Ferrell -Credit Card Theft #1
15-0080(f) -Credit Card Forgery #2
15-0081(f) -Credit Card Forgery #3
15-0082(f) -Credit Card Forgery #4
15-0181(m) -Credit Card Fraud < $200 in 6 mon #5

(MLS) 13-0136(f) Stanley L. Jones -3rd/Subseq Off Larceny

(MLS) 15-0098(f) Rosa D. Kirby -Felony Shoplifting #1
15-0099(f) -Forgery #2

(HLS) 15-0147(f) Aisha N. Allen -Felony Embezzlement

(HLS) 15-0068(f) Brian K. Coffey -Possess Cocaine

(MLS) 15-0164(m) Catechdra M. Coles -Driving Suspended/3rd Offense
15-0166(f) -Felony Identity Theft

Hearing – Motion for Bond
(MLS) 14-1535(f) Loura A. Blackwell
Utter a Forged Check #1
14-1536(f) -Attempt Obtn Money by Fraud #2

(JPR) 14-1306(f) Brian C. Parker -Sell Cocaine #1
14-1307(f) -Sell Cocaine #2
14-1308(f) -Sell Cocaine #3

(EAW) 15-0119(f) Jonathan A. Amos -3rd/Subsequent Offense Larceny 


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