Circuit Court of Danville Daily Docket

Monday,  August 31, 2015
Courtroom #1

(AMB) Anthony Q. Taylor, Jr 15-0046(f) -Possess Cocaine 

(AMB) Theresa W. Haizlip 15-0365(f) -Felony Shoplifting 

(AMB) Lorene M. Wilson 15-0507(f) -3rd/Subsequent Offense Larceny

(AMB) Shontae A. Jacobs 15-0552(f) -Statutory Burglary
15-0553(f) -Possess Burglarious Tools

Bench Trial
(JPL)   Juvenile CJ15-56(m) -Driving 71 MHP in 45 MPH Zone

(JMG)  Kenneth Fitzgerald, Jr. 15-0665(m) -Assault & Battery

Courtroom #2

Jury Orientation

Bench Trials
(    ) Troy L. Thompson, III 15-0659(m) -Driving Suspended/6th Offense
15-0516(m) -Prof Swearing/Public Intox

((MKP)Yvone Logan 15-0537(m) -Shoplifting/1st Offense

(   ) Devin D. Warren 15-0547(m) -Driving Suspended/1st Offense

(   ) Latrisa N. A. Carter 15-0534(m) -Obstruct Justice by Threat/Force

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