Danville Utilities

Emergency Contact Information
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Electric Outage
434-773-8300 24/7
Natural Gas Emergencies
434-799-5284 24/7
Water Emergencies
434-799-5284 24/7
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  1. Overnight temperatures will leave icy glaze on streets

    (Posted Sunday, Jan. 24) Overnight temperatures are expected to fall into the teens, and this will cause any street and walkway wet with melted snow to develop an icy glaze and become slick. Residents and visitors are advised to be cautious. Read on...
  2. Crews working today in residential neighborhoods

    (Posted Sunday, Jan. 24) Primary and collector streets are clear to the pavement. Crews are working in residential streets with plows and sand trucks. They expect to reach every neighborhood tonight by 9 p.m., but a snow-packed layer will remain. Read on...
  3. City crews prepared for round-the-clock operation

    (Posted Thursday, Jan. 21) Danville public works and utilities crews are prepared for a round-the-clock operation. Residents and visitors are reminded that streets are cleared of snow on a priority basis. If you lose power, then call 434-773-8300. Read on...
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