Business Licenses

If you are receiving monetary compensation for products sold or services rendered, you will need a Danville City Business License.

The following criteria that apply to your business must be met before you apply for a City of Danville business license.
  • All businesses located in the city of Danville must have zoning approval for the business location from the Planning Division, located at 427 Patton Street, room 207 434-799-5261.
  • All businesses (except for corporations that are registered with the State of Virginia) must register the business name with the City of Danville at the Clerk of Court's Office, located in the James F. Ingram Justice Center, 401 Patton Street, room 222B 434-799-5168.
  • All businesses dealing with food must have a health permit. Restaurants and all other businesses serving prepared food need to contact the local Virginia State Health Department 434-799-5190. Grocery & convenience stores not serving prepared food should contact Virginia Department of Agriculture
  • All businesses dealing with alcoholic beverages must have an ABC permit from the ABC Board 800-552-3200.
  • All businesses selling retail must register with the Virginia Department of Taxation 804-367-8037.
  • All contracting businesses with individual job costs of $1,001 or more must also have a Virginia State Contractors License and be bonded for $5,000 (Class A State License does not need the $5,000 bond). A Virginia State Contractors License can be obtained from the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation 804-367-8511.
The City of Danville welcomes you and wishes you success in your new business.

Form Downloads

  1. Bryan Gibson

    Business License Inspector
    Phone: 434-799-5145