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Posted on: February 9, 2018

City Council Oks sign changes for downtown

Exterior photo of Municipal Building

City Council voted unanimously earlier this week to approve changes to the sign code that create identical regulations for both the Central Business Commercial and Tobacco Warehouse Commercial zones.

The amendments also permit wall signs for each establishment on the premises based on allowable square footage. The Planning Commission voted unanimously earlier this month to recommend approval.

“The whole purpose is to bring them into conformance,” Community Development Director Ken Gillie told City Council told City Council at the meeting Tuesday evening. “If they [businesses] were in the Central Business district, they were limited in the number and sizes of signs they could use.”

The changes made Tuesday evening correct that situation.

In another matter, City Council approved a resolution that requests the Virginia Department of Transportation add the recent widening of South Boston Road to the city’s street inventory and be approved for maintenance payments. The widening project added an additional lane between Airport Drive and Rudder Road.

This change needs to be included in the overall mileage used for payment calculations. It is estimated that the City will receive approximately $14,000 annually in additional maintenance reimbursement payments based on this change and Fiscal Year 2018 payment rates.

In addition to these votes, City Council held a first reading on the appropriation of a grant from the Danville Regional Foundation that would be used by Parks and Recreation to send 12 people, including staff and several City Council members, to visit two cities that have thriving riverfront parks.

The trip will take the group to Chattanooga, Tenn., and Louisville, Ky., in order to see how strategically placed and designed downtown parks can serve as catalysts for not only recreation, but also economic development and tourism. Chattanooga and Louisville were chosen based on their recognition as being home to two of the top riverfront parks in the country.

City Council also held a first reading to appropriate $12.5 million in bond proceeds for various capital improvement projects, which include electric substation and transformer upgrades and school projects.

A first reading is an introductory step required by City code before certain matters can be voted upon by City Council. This step serves to provide public notice of pending action. Council could not vote on these two matters Tuesday. The earliest vote that can take place will be the Feb. 20 City Council meeting.

Council's meeting included a business session followed by a work session. In work sessions, Council reviews non-routine matters that may be voted upon in future business meetings.

During the work session, Council scheduled a vote for its next business meeting on connection fees for gas line service.

City Council also held a closed meeting during the work session as allowed by state law to discuss a prospective business or industry and to discuss acquisition of real property or disposition of publicly held real property.

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