What is a Hazard Mitigation Plan?

The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, as amended, requires that local governments develop and adopt natural hazard mitigation plans in order to receive certain Federal assistance. In 2006 a regional Hazard Mitigation Plan was adopted for the West Piedmont area, comprised of the Counties of Franklin, Henry, Patrick, and Pittsylvania, and the Cities of Danville and Martinsville and the Towns of Chatham, Boones Mill, Gretna, Hurt, Ridgeway, Rocky Mount and Stuart. This plan was drafted in order to study the West Piedmont Regions risks from and vulnerabilities to natural hazards and to make recommendations on mitigating the effects of such hazards. This plan is required to be updated every five (5) years and it is now that time. As part of the five (5) year update, the City is requesting citizen input on the hazards, and impacts that are caused within the region. Please take a few minutes and complete this survey so that we can better address those hazards that impact this area.

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