Why can't Danville Utilities tell me when my power will be restored?

Each outage has different circumstances and some may take longer for us to identify the source of the problem. Widespread damage makes it more difficult to accurately predict when a particular customer's power will be restored - especially in the early phases of an outage, while the extent of damage is being assessed. Once the extent of damage is understood, restoration times are affected by the degree of damage to our facilities.

High-voltage transmission lines must be given first priority because they supply electricity to the entire distribution system. Substations are repaired next in order to energize local distribution lines. A distribution line serving a local area may have multiple damage locations, all of which must be found and repaired.

All these factors affect our ability to predict when a specific customer's power will be restored.

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3. Why can't Danville Utilities tell me when my power will be restored?
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