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City Clerk

  1. Boards & Commissions Application Form
  2. City Council Contact Form

    An easy way to contact an individual City Council member or all City Council members.

  1. Citizen Comments for July 7, 2020 Agenda

Fire Department

  1. Blasting Permit Application Form

    Blasting Permit Application Form

  2. Fireworks Display Permit Application

    Fireworks Display Permit Application

  3. Heads Up! Program Application

    To provide information to public safety agencies related to an individual's disability, medical issue, mobility, or other condition of... More…

  4. Smoke Alarm Request Form

    Smoke Alarm Request Form

  1. Fire Protection Permit Application

    Fire Protection Permit Application

  2. Fumigation Permit Application

    Fumigation Permit Application

  3. Open Burning Permit Application

    Open Burning Permit Application

  4. Tank Removal / Installation / Abandonment Permit Application

    Tank Removal/Installation/Abandonment Permit Application

Police Department

  1. Commend an Officer

    Commendations may be filed through this website, U.S. mail, email, in-person, telephone, or anonymously.

  2. Summer Youth Police Academy
  1. Permit for Sale or Acquisition of Secondhand Building Fixtures


  1. Trip Request Form

    Used to schedule trip requests made to Danville Transit