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Request to Speak Before Danville City Council

  1. Citizens will be allowed three minutes to address Council on an item not on the agenda, five minutes for a group.  Citizens must sign up no later than noon on the Friday before the scheduled Council meeting.  

    The Public Comment period is held after the New Business section of the Agenda.

    Persons appearing before Council will be courteous and respectful in their remarks, and will not be allowed to:

    1. Campaign for Public Office,
    2. Promote Private Business Ventures, and
    3. Make comments that are harmful, discriminatory or embarrassing to citizens, officials, or employees of the City of Danville, or make comments in the form of personal attacks.

    To review the Danville City Council Rules of Procedure, which includes a complete list of rules for Communications for Visitors, and Prohibited Conduct, please use this link

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