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Citizen Comments for the Board of Zoning Appeals

  1. Due to ongoing public health concerns related to COVID-19, the City of Danville is permitting comments online using the form below for residents who may not want to attend the meeting in person.
  2. Remaining consistent with traditional in-person meetings, each citizen has the opportunity to provide a comment during a public hearing for an agenda item.

    Public hearing remarks should not exceed 400 words, which is comparable to 3 minutes speaking.

    Comments submitted via this format will be collected and distributed to all commission members and published with the minutes of the July 16, 2020 Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. Comments will be collected through July 16 at 10am.
  3. The following items are slated for public hearing on July 16, 2020
    1. Variance Application Number PLVAR20200000110, filed by Mark and Karen Davis, requesting a variance from Article 7., Section B, Item 2 of Chapter 41 of the Code of the City of Danville, Virginia, 1986, as amended (City of Danville Zoning Ordinance) at 734 Mt. Cross Road, otherwise known as Grid 0708, Block 002, Parcel 000005, of the City of Danville, Virginia, Zoning Map. The applicant is requesting a variance to allow for a deck constructed without permits onto a legal non-conforming use to remain on a residential property in area zoned HR-C Highway Retail Commercial District.
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