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Fireworks Display Permit Application

  1. Danville Fire Department
  2. 600 Lynn Street, Danville, VA 24541
    Phone: (434) 799-5226 Fax: (434) 797-8943

  4. Fee for a Specific Date: $100
    Checks are to be made payable to City of Danville
  5. Checks should be mailed to: 600 Lynn Street, Danville, VA 24541. Permit will be issued after payment is received.
  6. Approval by the City of Danville Fire Department is required for the display of fireworks, in accordance with NFPA 1123, Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code Chapter 33 and the Code of the City of Danville, Virginia, Chapter 14, Article III.
  8. 1. Approval issuance: Application for approval should be made in writing at least 15 days in advance of the date of the display or discharge of fireworks.

  9. 2. Bond for display: The permit holder shall furnish a bond in an amount approved by the Code Official for the payment of all potential damage caused either to the person or property due to the permitted display, and arising from any acts of the permit holder or the agent of the permit holder. Certificate of insurance is to remain on file with the City of Danville Fire Department.

  10. 3. The City of Danville requires that the application for discharge of fireworks shall meet the criteria of NFPA 1123. Any operator of a fireworks discharge shall show, to the Fire Official’s satisfaction, competence in experience and knowledge of the fireworks code.

  11. 4. The discharge site and viewing area shall be inspected by the Fire Official or his designee and the applicant or his agent before approval is granted.

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  17. (Rev. 2/15)
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