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Circuit Court of Danville Daily Docket - Monday, November 24, 2014
Courtroom # 1:
Jury Trial
(S. Pickus) Nikki N. Thompson 
14-1219(f) -Assault/Battery Law Enfrcmt Officer
14-1352(m) -Resisting Arrest #2
14-1353(m) -Disorderly Conduct #3

Courtroom # 2:
(J & D Courtroom B)
8:45AM-Conference Call
CL11-660 Donegal Mutual Insurance Company v. Stallings Construction, Inc.
(John Cooley) (RTV)

Guilty Plea
(JHMS) Benton L. Cromwell
14-1364(f) -Aggravated Sexual Battery
14-1554(f) -Indecent Liberties w/Minor #2
14-1555(f) -Forcible Sodomy #3
14-1556(f) -Aggravated Sexual Battery #4
14-1557(f) -Indecent Liberties w/Minor #5
14-1558(f) -Aggravated Sexual Battery #6
14-1559(f) -Indecent Liberties w/Minor #7
14-1560(f) -Aggravated Sexual Battery #8
14-1561(f) -Indecent Liberties w/Minor #9
14-1562(f) -Object Sexual Penetration #10

(HLS) 11-1861-02(f) Quintell K. Saunders

(SEA) Jeffrey L. Smith 12-1088-01 PO: B Rosenbaum

(HLS) Cody B. Nelson
14-0895(f) -3rd/Subsequent Off Larceny #1
14-0896(f) -3rd/Subsequent Off Larceny #2
14-0897(f) -Felony Shoplifting #3
14-0898(f) -Felony Shoplifting #4

Sentencing Review
(SDA) Jerome P. Sobacki 12-0229(m) -Assault and Batter

Bench Trial
(SDA) Jerome P. Sobacki
14-1101(m) -DWI/1st Offense
14-1102(m) -Refused Blood/Breath Test

(JHMS) Steve I. Bernard
14-0947(f) -Possess Cocaine 

(MKP) Quanesha A. Law 14-1473(m) -Contribute/Delinquency of Minor

(MLS) Amanda M. Wall -Motion to Suppress
14-1390(f) -Possess Heroin
14-1640(f) -Possess Methylphenidate #2

Legal Notice:

Every effort is made to provide accurate and current information on this webpage. However, the information posted is subject to additions, deletions and changes at any time and may not accurately reflect changes made to the court docket.  Users may not rely upon this information for determination of date and time of court appearances.  Please contact your attorney or the Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court at 434-799-5168 if you have questions regarding the information contained herein.

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