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Pinnacles Hydro Complex
Pinnacles Hydro-Electric Plant
Pinnacles Hydro Complex

6211 Kibler Valley Rd.
Ararat, VA  24053

Ph: (276) 251-5141
Fx: (276) 251-1255

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
The City owns and operates the Pinnacles Hydro-Electric Complex, located in Patrick County, Virginia. The project was completed in 1938 and consists of a 10-megawatt power plant, two reservoirs, interconnecting water conduits, and more than 3,600 acres of land.

The functions of the Pinnacles Hydro-Electric Plant are to:
  • Provide peaking power to the City during times of maximum electric power demand
  • Generate off-peak power as efficiently as possible to conserve water resources and subsequently, the conservation of natural resources
  • Provide safe working, operating, and recreational conditions for employees and the public

Recreational Opportunities
The Project offers a number of recreational opportunities, including:
  • Lake fishing in the Townes and Talbott reservoirs and river fishing below the power plant
  • Hiking and sightseeing
  • Canoeing under normal conditions; one whitewater boating release will be provided below Pinnacles Powerhouse each weekend during July through October
  • The Kibler Valley River Run canoe event, which is sponsored by the Red Bank Ruritan Club of Claudville, Virginia

Visitor Admittance

All visitors must obtain a permit before entering the property. Download the Pinnacles Visitors Permit. Permits can also be obtained from the guard shack at Pinnacles or at the Danville Utilities Headquarters at 1040 Monument Street.

Admittance to the property will be permitted from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Visitors are admitted to the property at their own risk and hazard. Visitors agree to hold the City of Danville harmless for any injuries, death, or loss of property. No fires shall be permitted including lit cigarette butts and matches. Instructions of Danville Utilities representatives will be followed, including:
  • Visitors shall refrain from leaving any litter whatsoever on City of Danville property.
  • Visitors shall close and lock any gates unlocked and opened by the visitor.
  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted.
  • No swimming, hunting, firearms, fireworks, or dogs are permitted.
  • Only small boats that can be hand carried to the water should be taken beyond the gate. Boat motors should not exceed five horsepower. 
  • If the parking area at a dam is full, visitors are expected to leave their vehicles outside the gate.

Please Note:
The parking areas at both dams are small, and the access roads are narrow and winding with a vertical rock wall on one side. Vehicles larger than a pickup or short-body motor home may have difficulty navigating these access roads.

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