Neighbors Helping Neighbors

For years, Danville Utilities has been a devoted supporter of Neighbors Helping Neighbors of Danville. Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a network of social groups, churches and volunteers organized through the United Way of Danville Pittsylvania County to help those having difficulty paying utility bills. Danville Utilities finances the marketing efforts of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, ensuring that 100% of donations go to help those in need.
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Through Neighbors Helping Neighbors, our neighbors receive:
  • A one-time utility assistance payment
  • Lessons in household budgeting
  • Tips on good energy use and conservation
  • Analysis of past utility usage trends and service for future use
Help Your Neighbor Directly from Your Utility Bill
Danville Utilities customers can quickly and easily give to Neighbors Helping Neighbors by including extra money on their bill payment check and designating the money for Neighbors Helping Neighbors. For more information, visit the Payment Entry Box explanation page in our Understand My Bill section.

Funding for Neighbors Helping Neighbors comes from you and the surrounding community. For more information on how to help your neighbor, visit the Neighbors Helping Neighbors web page.

Receiving Assistance From Neighbors Helping Neighbors
To find out how to receive utility payment assistance from Neighbors Helping Neighbors, visit Social Service's Guidelines for Assistance page.