Danville Transit is pleased to announce that during the month of November passengers using the Mainline Trolley service will not be charged a fee. Service is provided on Friday and Saturday from 6 pm until midnight.  The Mainline Trolley route begins at Ballou Park and bus runs depart every 40 minutes. The route serves Main Street, West Main Street, Riverside Drive, North Main Street to the North Theatre and the River District.  

Please see the attached trolley brochure for detailed route and schedule information.

Danville Transit launches Bus Locator System

Danville Transit's bus locator system is now available for passenger use. The locator system allows customers to view the location of all fixed route buses in real time from a smart phone or computer.

To access the system, please visit Danville Transit System or Danville Transit and click bus locator system. A tutorial about the system is also available at both sites.