Concealed Handgun Permits

Any person 21 years of age or older may apply in writing to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the County or City in which he or she resides, or if he is a member of the United States Armed Forces, the County or City in which he is domiciled, for a five-year permit to carry a concealed handgun.  All pages of the completed application (attach a separate listing of all addresses within the last 5 year period), copy of driver’s license or state issued ID with your current Danville address, and copy of proof that the applicant has demonstrated competence with a handgun (a copy of your current or expired permit can also be used to demonstrate competency) must be submitted to the Clerk’s Office. There is no requirement as to the length of time an applicant for a Concealed Handgun Permit must have been a resident or domiciliary of the County or City where he or she resides.

Initial Permit

To begin the process, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • A copy of the application can be downloaded from the Virginia State Police website by clicking here or you can pick up a copy at the Danville Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.
  • For the section of the Code of Virginia that lists disqualifications for a concealed handgun permit, click here.
  • Once you have completed the application, take it to the Danville Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. In addition to any fee at the Circuit Court, a fee of $35 will be charged for the Danville Police Department’s background investigation on the applicant. Total fee for permit is $50.00 and may be paid by cash, check, credit or debit card.  Please note that a four (4) percent convenience fee is required for credit and debit card payments.
  •  You must bring government issued identification with proof of City of Danville residency or domiciliary and proof of competence with a handgun as required by the Code of Virginia 
  • For the section of the Code of Virginia that lists the recognized proofs of competence with a handgun, click here.
  • Fingerprint impressions are no longer required for concealed handgun permits for Virginia residents or domiciliary.
  • When the application process is completed, which should take place within 45 days, the permit will be mailed unless otherwise requested by the applicant.  The Clerk of Court will provide additional permit status information as needed by mail.

Permit Renewal

  • Renewals of a concealed handgun permit are basically handled the same a new permits, however a copy of your permit is all that is needed for proof of demonstrated competence with a handgun.
  • The court, upon receipt of a criminal history records check, may issue the renewal without requiring the applicant to re-appear before the court provided no new disqualifications are present.
  • If the new five-year permit is issued while an existing permit remains valid, the new five-year permit shall become effective upon the expiration date of the existing permit, provided that the application is received by the court at least 90 days but no more than 180 days prior to the expiration of the existing permit.
  • If the permit holder is a member of the Virginia National Guard, Armed Forces of the United States, or the Armed Forces reserves of the United States, and his permit expires during an active-duty military deployment outside of the permittee’s County or City of residence, such permit shall remain valid for 90 days after the end date of the deployment (§ 18.2-308).