Storm Recovery

Riverwalk Trail Update

  • The firm of Mattern & Craig were hired for Architectural and Engineering services for the design and replacement of both the Fall Creek Bridge and Barkers Branch Culverts. 
  • Preliminary work on these projects to include damage descriptions, surveying, testing, etc. were started the first part of the year by the firm. 
  • FEMA inspectors also reviewed the sites of both projects and have spoken with Matter & Craig regarding process and required documents on both projects.In July 2019, Mattern & Craig submitted the bridge designs to the City for a pre-fabricated steel trust bridge.   FEMA reviewed the plans and cost estimates for the bridge design and abutments.  New bridge plans call for a 10 ft wide bridge.  The pre-fabricated bridge is currently out for bid.  Once bridge manufacturer is selected, estimated time for construction completion is 120 days.  A separate contractor will be selected to install the bridge.  Estimated time for completion is spring 2020.

Barkers Branch Culvert

  • Mattern & Craig have completed damage assessment, surveying and testing on this area and submitted designs for culvert replacement in mid August.  Those plans are currently being reviewed by FEMA and once approved, the designs we will be requesting bid proposals for this work.  Estimated completion of this project is end of this year, weather permitting.