Neighborhood Park Projects

Park Planning Process

Join the park planning process

We are reimagining our neighborhood parks with residents, and would love for you to help! We know that the best way to make our parks relevant to communities and loved by residents is to listen and respond to our community's needs. Sign up today to be part of the neighborhood parks planning process and help us decide what park features best fit you and your community's needs!

Neighborhood park Evaluation Findings

Over 2021, we deeply evaluated our park spaces and the communities that lie within our neighborhood park regions. These findings help us shape our goals in providing updates to our park properties and the rate in which we work with our surrounding communities. To read the entirety of our evaluation findings, click here.

Neighborhood Park Network Plan

The Neighborhood Park Network Plan is the plan for the future of our city's smaller parks in residential areas. It details the strategic operations and planning required to update Danville's 21 neighborhood parks. The plan includes timelines, maps, descriptions of park planning organization, and specific known amenities for park improvements. This 2022 plan is built on the Neighborhood Park Evaluation from 2021. 

View resident-let park design renderings

Doyle Thomas Park

Coates Recreation Center

Pumpkin Creek Park

Park Planning Process Steps


As we build and maintain parks and programs, park user perspectives are invaluable. Let us know what you notice, what you would like to see more of, and aspects of our services that you would like to see change. We value your feedback and want to hear all of your fantastic ideas. Take time to fill out the comment box below and share your perspective.


We are excited to be in the development process for some neighborhood parks already. Learn more about the upcoming green spaces near you below. 

Third Avenue Park Splash Pad

Third Avenue Park is expecting a splash pad to open in 2023. A groundbreaking of this project is to be determined in the near future. View a rendering of the splash pad here.

Doyle Thomas Park Splash Pad

Doyle Thomas Park is expecting a splash pad to open in 2023. A groundbreaking of this project is to be determined in the near future. View a rendering of the splash pad here.

Ballou Park Splash Pad

Historic Ballou Park is expecting a splash pad in the future. View a rendering of the splash pad here.


Westmoreland Neighborhood Organization is designing a safe and accessible park on community land which they will be donating to the city to maintain and program upon completion. Through the process of working with city and regional partners to design, fundraise, and construct the park, residents are fostering a sense of community pride and taking ownership of the greenspace in their neighborhood. Check out this link to learn more about their process and progress, and join them in the effort of making Danville’s newest neighborhood park!