Adult Detention

The Danville Adult Detention Center (ADC) is a minimum-security work prison. The facility houses approximately 160 men. Most are assigned throughout the City to one of several work crews. Their responsibilities include:

  • Creating and maintaining road side gardens
  • Mowing all main thoroughfares, rights of way, and City parks
  • Removing leaves and litter
  • Cleaning brush, trees, and other vegetation
  • Sorting and distributing trash for the City recycling program
  • Preparing and cleaning snow and ice from bridges, City sidewalks and parking lots
  • Performing grounds maintenance
  • Painting and renovating City buildings
  • Picking up and delivering materials for City departments such as the Courts, Social Services, Library, etc.
  • Maintaining the ADC inmate population: cooking, cleaning, laundry, building and grounds renovation and maintenance (including providing meals and laundry services for female inmates supervised by the Sheriff's Department)

Also, ADC provides several programs for inmates, including:

  • Medical services
  • Education program directed toward achieving a GED
  • A work release and weekender incarceration program directed toward allowing legitimately employed inmates to retain their employment during their incarceration period
  • A transition program directed toward assisting Danville area inmates incarcerated in state prisons to seamlessly return to society