Inmate Mail and Other Items


Note: All mail is received off site to be screened for safety. If the mail is deemed safe, it is sent to the inmate electronically on a kiosk or in a paper copy format.

Mailing Address:

Offender First Name, Last Name; Offender ID #

Danville City Jail

P.O. Box 247 

Phoenix, MD 21131

Bringing Items to Inmates

Prescription medication will be accepted for inmates at any time. The medication must be in the prescription bottle. The same applies to glasses, hearing aids, etc. Any person caught attempting to deliver contraband to inmates will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The following items may be left for inmates on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 am to 4:30 p.m:

  • Court clothes for inmates who have a court appearance in Circuit Court in exchange for clothes already in their personal property

For more information, contact the Jail at 434-799-5130.

Receiving Books into Danville City Jail

The Danville City Jail does not receive books for inmates through the mail, directly from general public, or any other delivery method. The Danville City Jail will receive newspapers and magazines for inmates through the mail. The newspapers and magazines must be mailed directly from the publishers’ and meet the content requirements set forth by the Danville City Jail Administration. Reading materials are available to inmates in the Danville City Jail library and other resources at the Danville City Jail. The policy is in place to ensure and enforce safety and security of inmates and staff at the Danville City Jail.


  1. All Books mailed to the Danville City Jail are returned to sender
  2. No packages are received for inmates from Fed EX, UPS, USPS or any other type of delivery
  3. All reading materials are reviewed to ensure and enforce the safety and security of the Danville City Jail.
  4. The reading materials must meet the following criteria:
    • No gang related material
    • No drug use materials
    • No books which contain violent material
    • No sexually oriented material