Reserve A Ride Service

TOKen sales on buses
**effective may 25, 2023,  tokens will only be sold on the buses from 4am to 5pm.**


Weekday and Saturday service to any location within the City limits of Danville and Cane Creek Centre Industrial Park. Passengers may be required to transfer to or from another bus dependent upon demand, time of day and trip location.  Riders may bring a small, personal-use-size stroller or small cart, which must be securely held.  The cart or stroller must have wheels or brakes that can be locked.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Saturday: 4 am to 1:00 am (last boarding time is at 12:45 am).  The transit system encourages passengers to sign up to receive text alerts that will inform persons of service updates.  Text alerts can be received by texting 24541 to dtupdate.  
  • Additional Saturday service may be provided if capacity exists with the Handivan service between 6 am and 5 pm


  • To reserve or cancel, please call 434-799-5144 or 434-773-8132
  • Call 434-799-5144 or 434-773-8132 to reserve for one or more days
  • All reservations must be completed prior day by 11 am
  • Reservations for Monday must be made by 11 am on Saturday


  • The base one-way fare is $4
  • Two children 12 years old and younger traveling with a paying adult may ride free
  • The student discount fare is $2 for all one-way trips within the city limits of Danville
  • A student discount card must be obtained from the Danville Transit Transfer Center to receive this fare.

Trolley Service

Trolley buses are used in Reserve A Ride service for large passenger groups of ten or more persons.


To confirm your ride time, please call 434-799-5144 or 434-773-8132 between the hours of 3:30 pm to 7 pm since the route and schedule changes daily.

Cancellation Policy

Passengers must call 60 minutes in advance of their scheduled trip time to cancel Reserve A Ride service. However, subject to review, a pattern of cancellations may result in suspension of service for one week.

This policy is necessary to promote fair and efficient Reserve A Ride and Handivan operations. Prior day cancellations do not apply to this policy.

No Show Policy

If a scheduled trip has not been canceled within 60 minutes and the bus arrives at your pick up location and you are not present you will be charged for that ride. The next time you ride you must pay for the No-Show or you cannot ride.

Online Reservations

You may reserve your trip by using the Self-Service Web Portal.