Litter Pick-Up

Litter Pick-Up
Two litter crews are responsible for keeping the primary thoroughfares litter free. Each Monday, litter crews begin pick-up at the Central Boulevard / Riverside Drive cloverleaf and separate from there into opposite directions. As time allows, the crews collect in neighborhoods throughout the city. The crews consist of one driver and three Adult Detention inmates. The use of Adult Detention inmates for litter pick-up allows the City to control litter at a reduced cost.

There are also ways that the public can help to control litter such as:
  • Do not litter.
  • Report littering offenses.
  • Use the recycling drop-off centers located around the City.
  • Use the E-Recycling Center located at the Public Works Warehouse.
  • Participate in the Adopt-A-Spot program. This program allows volunteers, groups, and/or organizations to adopt certain streets, areas, and/or neighborhoods to collect litter from.
For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 434-799-5245.