Administration provides direction, coordination and administrative oversight of all information/communication system functions and product acquisitions for the departments/customers. This area develops plans and budgets for the department and monitors long-term plans established for the City.

Application Support

Application Support provides comprehensive services in multiple areas including, but not limited to: financial, utility billing/collections, tax billing/collections, and inspections/permitting. Responsibilities include the development of new application systems, integration services, support and enhancement of existing business systems, process re-engineering and day-to-day problem identification and resolution.


The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) division oversees the use and development of location-based information for the City of Danville. This includes software support and data maintenance for all departments utilizing GIS.

Infrastructure & operations

Networking Support

The Networking area provides support in two main areas:

  • Infrastructure, which includes the physical network made up of routers, switches, a firewall, access points, and fiber and copper connections.
  • Network resources, which includes security, servers, email, Internet, file storage, VPN access and network printing.

PC Support

PC Support provides support in diagnosing technical problems, identifying appropriate solutions, coordinating installation and setup of computers and peripherals, and maintaining PC hardware, operating systems, and basic application fundamentals.